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The CamSTAR  Summer conference took place at Samuel Ward Academy on July 10th. Delegates from across the East of England listened to presentations by teachers on their Practitioner Research. The talks provided excellent insight in to a variety of topics ranging from the use of diagrammatic representations to enhance learning and ways of improving self-motivation and perseverance.


Some comments regarding the conference:

 ‘I very much enjoyed hearing colleagues so enthusiastically describe their research. Their ideas made me reflect on my own practice.’

Julie Warner, Director of ITT & Research for the Samuel Ward Trust


‘A conference characterised by energy, enthusiasm and a real  involvement with practitioner research. As one colleague observed,  'I've learned so much today - this is real CPD!'

Dr. Sue Brindley, University of Cambridge


 ‘The presentations were a fantastic showcase of practitioner research in a variety of school settings. The projects outlined were really interesting and were presented with great clarity and enthusiasm. It was a very thought provoking afternoon and a great opportunity to consider how reflective practice can impact on learning and teaching.’

Andy Samways, Director of the Suffolk Borders Teaching Alliance 


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The Teaching and Learning Academy:

Through SBTA we can support staff at all levels and roles in schools to accredit their research.

The Teaching & Learning Academy is an innovative way of helping teachers and those working in support roles in schools/other educational settings to improve their practice and gain professional recognition for doing so.

The Teaching and Learning Academy is making a significant impact across the country through a unique combination of recognised and accredited activity that has been designed to improve professional practice for all staff.