Peer to Peer Support

Peer to peer support

In addition to supporting whole school improvement, the alliance has a role in brokering support for teams and individuals. 

Specialist Leaders of Education

Using specialist knowledge to drive improvement

Specialist Leaders of Education are middle or senior school leaders with capacity and skills to support leaders and teams in other schools. Our SLEs have a proven track record in their area of expertise and undertake training to ensure that the support they give is the best possible quality.

The role of the SLE is to support middle/senior leaders in other schools. SLE support is normally charged at a daily rate of £350, but with a reduced fee for alliance schools.

Leading Practitioners

Leading practitioners work with individuals, in a similar way to the former ASTs, to support them on their journey of improvement.

All of our Leading Practitioners have been through a programme of assessment and accreditation, and have high level skills in coaching.