Leadership Development



The National Picture

The National College’s new range of National Qualifications and flexible study modules are designed to give candidates more choice in designing their own professional development. They form part of the National College for Teaching Leadership Curriculum which is structured around five levels from leading a team through to leading beyond an organisation.

For the full leadership curriculum prospectus please follow the link below:


Level 1: National Professional Qualification for Middle Leadership (NPQML)

This programme is for middle leaders for schools. It is expected that applicants have responsibility for leading a team within the school and is aimed at middle leaders including key stage, subject and curriculum leaders. To achieve the qualification, you’ll need to complete two essential modules and one elective module, with a focus on driving successful team performance and improving classroom practice.

Level 2: National Professional Qualification in Senior Leadership (NPQSL)

This programme is for senior leaders in schools. It is expected that the applicants not only have responsibility for leading a team, but that they are also involved in a range of activities that affect the whole school organisation. It is aimed at senior leaders including deputy heads and assistant heads who are not aspiring to headship at this stage of their careers.

Level 3: NPQH

This programme is for aspiring Head Teachers and although no longer a statutory requirement for headship appointments, is designed to be a comprehensive programme that takes candidates with experience of leadership within the school to take on a clear understanding of leading change for improvement, leading an effective school and leading and improving teaching. Candidates will apply via the online application process and following successful completion of the online application, telephone interview, and one-day selection process, will then be invited to select a licensee for their local delivery.